Previous Congresses

What happened so far

The Symposium RegioMove being held in a cycle of about 2 years and is devoted to the specific topic of regional rail- and road-bound public transport.

The Topics of the previous congresses were as followed:

RegioMove 12 – Public transport & emotions

Emotions are the base of personal decisions why we use bus, train or car. Public relations on a very emotionally base were presented in different speeches, but also the reasons of one’s own mobility behaviour.

RegioMove 10 - Public transport & visions

Which visions already exist to assure an attractive public transport on a national, regional or local base? What do futurologists, industry and stakeholders mean about our near future concerning mobility and transport aspects?

RegioMove 08 - Regional safety/security

The aspects of „Safety“ and “security” were presented in different speeches, like personal security during the ride, availability of bus and train. How is it possible in future to get to the working place or to recreational facilities?

RegioMove 05 - Regional Co-operation

Different forms of co-operation in all levels of public transport in order to develop improved soluttions for passengers. This congress took place at venues in Graz (Austria) and Maribor (Slovenia).

RegioMove 03 - Regional Transport with a Future

New concepts and technologies in short-distance transport in Austria and Europe

RegioMove 01 - New Media in Public Transport

Use of new media in time-table information and ticketing

RegioMove 99 - Regional Public Transport and Mass Transit

Current changes in the legal framework for public transport through the introduction of the „Nahverkehrsgesetzt“ and up-to-date development in technology

In order to experience regional transport from all different angles and locations, the congress takes place in various locations around Styria.